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After much deliberation and discussion, the National Council has determined that with all of the negative light being cast, from either members of other “Three Percenter” groups or the movement in general, we must dissolve this organization effective immediately. It appears that other “Three Percenter” groups no longer hold the values and morals that we have held in our organization for so long. The DC riots and Capitol breach has hurt the patriot movement drastically and as a result brought an end to our organization. It’s quite unfortunate that we’ve come to this. The media refuses to differentiate between the different “Three Percenter” organizations and groups, leaving all of the fingers constantly pointing towards us. We were determined to always hold high standards and morals, and be an ensign to all other patriot groups to look to. Violence is never the answer and we have condemned those who fought with police and stormed the Capital on January 6th. In order to enact change the legal avenue is the only avenue and the only answer. We bid farewell to our patriot community and wish them well in the journey forward.


The National Council

The Three Percenters – Original