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Thomas Caldwell, retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander who had worked for the FBI prior, was recently charged from the January 6th Capitol Building breach with conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding, destroying government property, and entering a restricted building. Caldwell allegedly exchanged messages with a person associated with a group of “Three Percenters” to discuss the idea of transporting weapons across the Potomac River. Court documents show the first of these text exchanges from December 30th, 2020 as follows:

Caldwell: “[A]re you and any of your fellow 3-percenters having any kind of meetings coming up to discuss the 6th of Jan in d.c. or just getting together? I would like to meet some of the guys if you think I ‘m cool enough.”

Unknown individual: “You can join our group if you want but you have to be veted before you can attend any training events or zoom meetings. Ill get with ya this evening.”

Caldwell: “Outstanding!”

According to court documents, Caldwell sent a follow up text message on January 3rd, 2021 to this same unknown individual supposedly associated with a “Three Percenter” group:

Caldwell: “Can’t believe I just thought of this: how many people either in the militia or not (who are still supportive of our efforts to save the Republic) have a boat on a trailer that could handle a Potomac crossing? If we had someone standing by at a dock ramp (one near the Pentagon for sure) we could have our Quick Response Team with the heavy weapons standing by, quickly load them and ferry them across the river to our waiting arms. I’m not talking about a bass boat. Anyone who would be interested in supporting the team this way? I will buy the fuel. More of less be hanging around sipping coffee and maybe scooting on the river a bit and pretending to fish, then if it all went to shit, our guys loads our weps AND Blue Ridge Militia weps and ferries them across. Dude! If we had 2 boats, we could ferry across and never drive into D.C. at all!!!! Then get picked up. Is there a way to PLEASE pass the word among folks you know and see if someone would jump in the middle of this to help. I am spreading the word, too. Genius if someone is willing and hasn’t put their boat away for the winter.”

Court documents show no reply from the unknown individual. And there’s no evidence anyone took up Caldwell’s idea.

So now we must set the record straight. First, we checked with our members and leaders and no one in our organization was contacted by Mr. Caldwell to our knowledge. Second, according to our records, Caldwell never submitted an application to join our organization in order to start the vetting process at any time. Had he done so there’s a high probability that he would not have made it through the vetting process due to his extreme ideology. Third, our organization did not conspire or have any plans whatsoever to storm the Capitol Building on January 6th. Fourth, our organization DID NOT storm the Capitol Building on January 6th or participate in the riots. Fifth, we are NOT a militia and we are NOT violent. And sixth, we have openly and publicly condemned the violence and riots against the police and the breaching of the Capitol Building many times on our blog.

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