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(UPDATED: Added Barton Shivley to list of inviduals not associated with TTPO)

There have been quite a few articles in the news recently that have mentioned “Three Percenters” or “Three Percent Group” in relation to the January 6th DC riots and Capitol breach. We wanted to clear the record and say that our organization, The Three Percenters – Original aka TTPO, (not be confused with other Three Percent groups out there) did NOT participate in the riots or Capitol breach in any shape, form, or fashion on January 6th. In fact, we have openly spoke out and condemned these actions many times right here on this very blog. There have been a few names in the news recently with the label of “Three Percenter” being attached. We’ve also proactively spoke out against all of these men, and NONE of them were members of our organization. TTPO has released articles on Thomas Caldwell, Robert Gieswein, Ian Rogers, Guy Reffitt, and Barton Shivley. We’ve condemned their actions and ideologies, as they do not align with our own, yet when the media reports on these people they do not differentiate between different “Three Percenter” groups. This leaves us having to defend ourselves over and over again.

As we’ve said many times before, we do not allow members into our organization who are racists, white supremacists, violent, anti-government, extremists, terrorists, etc. We have a vetting standard in place to weed out these types that would seem to hurt our organization. We are law-abiding good people who love America and want to give back to our communities. We ask the news agencies to conduct accurate reporting instead of lumping all Three Percenter groups into one. We’re not all the same. In fact, we’re radically different from one another. Do better reporting.


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The Three Percenters – Original