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TTPO Members and All Who Are Concerned:

Let it be known that we firmly denounce the violence and breaching of the Capitol building on January 6th in Washington, D.C. For all those who chose to participate in the lawlessness we hope they are swiftly brought to justice and those law enforcement officers who were injured be healed of their wounds quickly. Though we know now that ANTIFA had planned this from the beginning, some of those attending the peaceful rally on the 6th did join in. It saddens us that those who claim to be a part of our movement would fight with the police and vandalize our cherished monuments. This is not who we are and what we stand for. A few members from our organization stood together as a group far away and watched in shock and did not participate in this lawlessness. Our organization has worked very hard for many years to better our image and win the public’s trust. We have set the standard for having high morals and a strong compass bearing. Let us not allow the infiltrators and these few bad apples to ruin everything.

With the negative light that has been cast upon our movement due to the DC Capitol Building incident, we find it necessary to halt all protests, rallies, and marches of any kind at this time until further notice. We are being watched very carefully and we do not need the actions of one individual to reflect upon the entire organization and movement. We also issue a directive to halt bearing any insignia that ties you to our organization or the III% movement while in public. While our organization did not breach the Capitol, nor take place in the violence that occurred outside, the FBI is investigating the incident to determine what groups organized and/or directed the violence that day. We will cooperate with these agencies in answering their questions, as we did no wrong and have nothing to hide.

Our plan of action still continues. We do not have to attend protests, rallies, or marches to achieve our goals. As a reminder we have asked our members to do the following:

First, start a grassroots movement to elect our own die-hard patriots to fill crucial local seats and work our way up to the state and federal level. This includes your county’s Sheriff’s position. We challenge our members to run for any office they are able to.

Second, we must create a movement to get our cities, counties, and states in which we live designated as 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. Pick up the phone and start writing emails. You MUST decide right now to get involved. Do not stop, and do not let up until your right to bear arms is safe.

Third, ensure your state ran elections are run fair and have integrity, especially for those states that had proven election fraud in this past presidential election. Rally, petition, recall, attend meetings, speak, object, and do everything in your power to let your voice be heard. 

In the end, your state legislatures should know you by name. The best time to get active in your community and state was yesterday, the next best time is now. Be relentless. Be fierce. And never give up.


The National Council

The Three Percenters – Original