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TTPO Members,

First off, our hearts and prayers go out to Ashli Babbitt’s family. More footage has recently surfaced showing her murder and rasises a lot of questions. We hope and pray that her death is fully investigated and justice is served. 

It has come to light that yesterday’s protest that turned into a riot by storming the Capitol Building by a select few was led by agent provocateurs from ANTIFA. This is no longer questionable, as we have video and picture evidence, on top of facial recognition software and self-admissions that proves this to be factual. We understand that some patriots followed the charge. Some of these patriots intended harm, while others just wanted to talk to representatives and personally object to the elector certification. For those calling for violence and destruction of property we must speak out against. The violence that was seen yesterday has emboldened the left and even caused some Republicans to not object to the electors. This most certainly hurt our fight. 

Regarding the results of the elector certification: the National Council hears your concerns and understands your frustrations, and they are also our own. It is quite clear now that Joe Biden will almost certainly become the next President. Our last Hail Mary was Mike Pence sending the electors back to the states and he did not come through. However, this does not mean that we’re defeated and we go home and give up. The time to act is now. The future of our country needs us now more than ever. Our children and grandchildren will grow up in the America that we cultivate for them today. If we do nothing and accept defeat they will most certainly grow up in a Communist country.

The National Council met together last night and discussed our strategy going forward. Some people have talked about creating a new “Patriot” party, and we had even mentioned prior about seceding from the Union. Seceding from the Union would be almost impossible and would certainly trigger a major war. The fact is, our government is a two party system and our Constitution’s structure leaves no room for a third party. Right now we have an amazing opportunity to take control of the Republican Party. Trump’s base was, and still is, the pulse of the Republican Party, the future of the GOP. Our plan is to start on a local level with grassroots and elect our own die-hard patriots to fill crucial seats and work our way up. We challenge our members to run for any office they are able to.

Second, starting today we are calling on our State Leaders to create a movement to get our cities, counties, and states in which we live designated as 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. We all know that without the 2nd Amendment we lose the rest. It is outright imperative that we start today to secure this cherished right granted to us by our Creator. Pick up the phone and start writing emails. You MUST decide right now to get involved. Do not stop, and do not let up until your guns are safe.

A third task that we charge all of our members with is to take your fight to your states to ensure fair elections, especially for those states that had proven election fraud in this past presidential election. Garner up public support and neighboring states. Rally, petition, recall, attend meetings, speak, object, and do everything in your power to let your voice be heard. Your state legislatures should know you by name. And when they see a missed call or an email from you they should sweat.

Now that the Democrats hold the House, Senate, and Presidency they have complete control. However, the good news is that we do have some right-leaning Democrats who have said they will not pack the court, along with other Democrats who are gun enthusiasts. They will quite literally be our saving grace over the next two year as we strive to take back the House and Senate. The good news that came from yesterday’s protests in Washington D.C.: the GOP knows that we are angry and we want fair elections. Our voice was heard around the world. Let’s take that fire and vigor and use it to drive us to become a political warrior in ensuring our freedoms are preserved. While our ultimate goal is to reverse the rush towards Socialism through political means, we must be ready as individuals to prepare for any contingency. As President Trump stated tonight: “Our journey is just beginning!”


The National Council

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