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TPPO Members and All Americans:

We’re sure most of you have received word by now that there are armed militia marches that are soon to take place at Capitol buildings, federal buildings, and courthouses all around our nation from January 16th through the 20th. First, we would like to take time to set the record straight, yet again, that we are not a militia, nor a paramilitary group. We are law-abiding, red-blooded Americans from all races, creeds, colors, and religions who are worried about our election’s integrity and the future of our Republic. We feel that our election system is no longer trustworthy and that our vote was cancelled out by proven voter fraud. We’re upset that our election integrity has been tainted. For the public: please note, there are many different Three Percenter groups and organizations out there. We are the largest and oldest, and we do not speak for others, and others do not speak for us, either by words or actions.

We fully support freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, however we question the organizers of these armed marches and their intent. We believe that these events were crafted by the left for two main reasons: in order for the FBI to see who will attend in order to have Democratic lawmakers label them as domestic terrorists, and to give fuel to the fire to strip law-abiding citizens of their right to bear arms. Regardless of who the events were created by or for, this will most certainly be the outcome. Do not be fooled patriots. Do not attend these rallies in any form and stay away from Washington DC during this time. We are trying our hardest to NOT get our organization listed as a domestic terrorist organization. In the event this were to happen this organization would be dissolved immediately in order to prevent our members from becoming felons overnight. It is imperative you do not attend these rallies as members of our organization or under the banner of any 3%. Our movement and organization depends on it.

With the outlandish attacks on our freedoms by big tech and lawmakers as of late, the left continues to push harder and harder each day. They are currently drafting up legislation to punish Trump supporters and deem them domestic terrorists just for attending a peaceful rally, as well as legislation to restrict us from owning certain firearms, magazines, and even ammunition. We plead with you: DO NOT give them the means to see these sinister plans through. Do not show up to these rallies and taint our Patriot movement. As we have seen with the recent Capitol siege, it only takes a few bad apples for the Democrats to want to throw away the whole bunch. We condemn the violence shown towards police, the breaching of our Nation’s Capitol building, and the vandalism that took place inside. We mourn for the deaths of Police Officer Howard Liebengood, Officer Brian Sicknick, and Veteran Ashli Babbit who succumbed to their injuries from that day. We want to thank those who used their constitutional right to peacefully assemble on January 6th in order for our voice to be heard. Our voice was certainly heard.

We must band together to push back against the overwhelming attacks that are being launched against conservatives and republicans alike, but we must also be careful and meticulous about how to go about it so that while we’re defending one freedom we’re not giving up ground on another. Be smart patriots and don’t let emotion cloud your judgement. The cool, calm, and collected will most certainly win this battle.


The National Council

The Three Percenters – Original