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Among the Patriot community there are many different organizations that use the 3% name in some form or another. Most of these groups have similar ideals as we do. There is one group in particular that does not share the same beliefs or values as The Three Percenters – Original. That group is The 3% Security Force.

The 3% Security Force (3% SF) is a militant group that is anti-government in nature. Chris “General Blood Agent” Hill, who is on record as an anti-government extremist, leads the group. His followers have been seen on YouTube making racial gestures and destroying a replica mosque during a training exercise. The 3% SF is also the group that Wikipedia links to, which may lead to some of the misinformation listed on that site.

The Three Percenters – Original is officially announcing that we never have, and never will associate with the 3% Security Force (regardless of what state they may be in). While our by-laws allow for membership in multiple Patriot organizations, we do not recognize 3% SF as a Patriot Organization. Any member of The Three Percenters – Original that has been found to associate, or affiliates with 3% SF will be immediately removed from our group permanently.

The Three Percenters – Original is not an anti-government institution. We will continue to protect the rights of all citizens regardless of their skin color, creed, or religious affiliation. We condemn any racist activities, and will immediately remove any member who engages in any form of racism. We believe in the Constitution of the United States and the Magna Carta, Freedom of Religion Clause. We respect all religions, religious groups, and practices. These rights are endowed by our Creator and protected by our Constitution.

The Three Percenters – Original continues to strive for unity among the Patriot groups and organizations. We can no longer remain silent about our disgust and contempt for the behavior of the 3% Security Force, and the actions and comments of Chris Hill. We will continue to work with other Patriots throughout the country, and will distance ourselves from other organizations if they engage in similar activity as those that have been conducted by 3% Security Force.

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The Three Percenters – Original