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Effective immediately, The Three Percenters – Original has issued a stand down order in response to the violent protests that have erupted across our nation over the past 48 hours. We have intel that shows that these protests will continue to spill over into the days to come, as well as into other cities around the nation.

The violent protests that occurred today happened when ANTIFA and BLM showed up to counter-protest against alt-right white supremacists and Nazi groups who were scheduled to gather in Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park to protest the city’s decision to remove a confederate statue there. While we support and defend everyone’s right to free speech, we will not align ourselves with any type of racist group. We cannot have this organization tainted by news outlets as they will most certainly report that we have aligned ourselves with white supremacists and Nazis.

Furthermore, ANTIFA and BLM are currently protesting in other large cities now such as Memphis and Atlanta in response to the events that unfolded in Charlottesville today. Normally our response would be spin up teams to push back against protests by ANTIFA and BLM, but at this time we will not respond to these protests for the same reasons mentioned above.

We strongly reject and denounce anyone who calls themselves a patriot or a Three Percenter that has attended or is planning on attending any type of protest or counter protest related to these white supremacist and Nazi groups.

We remain vigilant in the fight against those who are eroding our freedoms and we have sworn to maintain our God-given rights that have been endowed upon us all by our Creator.

May we ever so remain true to the Constitution of the United States of America, the principles of The Three Percenters, and the values we hold dear.


National Council

The Three Percenters – Original