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Our great nation was founded by a group of men that wanted to ensure their posterity could enjoy freedom, liberty, and their God-given rights without a tyrannical, oppressive government at the helm. Today we are seeing these rights and the voice of the people being cast aside and trampled upon by an ever encroaching power that is fueled by hate, lies, bigotry, and a leftist agenda. This agenda is driven by crafty politicians and prominent figures in our society who employ and recruit pawns to do their heavy lifting and to drive a wedge in our society. These “leaders” are anti-capitalists and anti-American who hold communist and socialist views. Their end game is to end our Constitutional Republic form of government and implement a Democratic Socialist one in its place, which is clever wording for Communism.

Our country hasn’t seen such a racial and political divide since the Civil Rights Movement. These leftist elites who have created this deep divide have fueled race wars, spawned BLM and ANTIFA, and are now focusing all of their efforts on the removal of our history. Over the past few years we have witnessed first hand an agenda to remove and/or destroy American history that has anything to do with the Confederacy.

These armies of domestic terrorism have assembled to carry out their leader’s plans. Yesterday we watched in shock as ANTIFA and BLM activists assembled in Durham, North Carolina to pull down and destroy a memorial dedicated to fallen Confederate soldiers. To our utmost disapproval Durham police officers sat back and watched as activists destroyed private property. They did not intervene to stop this crime from happening and they made no arrests. When confronted they said they were there to make sure no one got hurt. The next day they changed their story and said that it wasn’t their jurisdiction and that it was a county matter.

Liberal Governors and Mayors across the country are now all on board with erasing history and destroying our past and heritage. Some are fast tracking their plans to ensure the monuments and statues come down as fast as possible. Just today we have had reports that a holocaust memorial suffered extensive damage in Boston, the Lincoln Memorial at National Mall was vandalized, and activists are rallying and calling for the removal of a statue of Theodore Roosevelt at a New York Museum. This is lunacy and we demand it stop now. This is not the country our founders envisioned.

We call upon law enforcement all across our country to actively prevent the further destruction of any and all monuments, regardless of their history, background, or reference. Further, we demand that law enforcement physically protect everyone’s right to free speech and to remember the oath they have sworn. The conflict in Charlottesville, Virginia which resulted in one fatality could have been prevented if law enforcement had not stepped down and failed to do their job. We condemn the BLM, ANTIFA, KKK, Neo-Nazi, white supremacy, and all other hate groups that are fueling hate and race wars. We condemn the corrupt politicians and leftist elites who are actively plotting violence and destruction in our cities around the nation. We hold all these individuals accountable and demand they be arrested and tried for their treason and plot.

We, The Three Percenters, will continue to stand against corruption and for the People. We plan to ensure that our Constitutional Republic remains intact and freedom and liberty is granted unto all. We ask that if anyone feels the same way to join our movement to help preserve our founding principles for future generations to come. To these things we pledge our lives, our liberty, and our future.


National Council

The Three Percenters – Original